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Santa cleared to land at Gib airport

Eyleen Gomez

Santa Claus has received clearance to land his sleigh and nine reindeer at Gibraltar’s International Airport on Christmas Eve.

Santa filed his flight plan via RAF Station Commander Wing Commander Nel Doherty with Air Traffic Control Gibraltar.

Wing Commander Doherty approved his arrival the information and a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was sent to make any other aircraft that could be in the area at the time aware of his presence.

“We are ready and set, the airfield is ready,” said Wing Commander Doherty on Mr Claus’s arrival.

“We have Santa’s special sleigh approach flight plan approved and we are good to go.”

“We have all the navigational aids here at RAF Gibraltar and as you know Santa has got a very well equipped sleigh. Rudolph has his inertial navigational system built in his nose. We have the special lights which are only visible to Santa and his reindeers.”

She noted a new piece of equipment has been installed for Santa’s time on the Rock.

“And this year we have had a very successful redevelopment of North Dispersal.”

“The dispersal has been fitted with effectively a sleigh recharging point so Santa will be all topped up before he leaves Gibraltar for the rest of the world.”

“We are expecting good weather but if it does worsen Rudolph has his inertial navigational system built into his nose and his sleigh is fully spec’d out it really has some fantastic kit, far advanced that what you would normally get on your scheduled airliner that comes in here.”

While Air Traffic Control and RAF know what time he is landing Wing Commander Doherty said she was not at liberty to disclose that information to the public.

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