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Short Stories School Years 8 to 10 Winner: Batya Levy with ‘Wrapped in Time’

Photo by Johnny Bugeja.

Amidst the dust and cobwebs the forgotten attic held stories untold.
A treasure trove of memories built upon year by year by a growing family. It holds secret dreams, happiness and sorrow only told in The Attic’s forgotten story.
While time leaves its footprint of growing dust, The Attic holds true to its story not covering it up with glitter and fame but staying true and silent.
In every nook and cranny something new to be found; a child's old toy, clothes too big too small or not fitting the fashion then. The Attic holds painful memories wanting to disappear and be forgotten, but every person has their troubles and sorrow which only makes them stronger.
It tells stories through pictures of adults turned teenagers and children again, being laughed at and ridiculed by their older selves, children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Just seeing how humans have evolved over the years is enough to keep someone there for hours on end.
It's a time machine carrying you through every generation of a family. Taking you through their history as well as the history of mankind. It's personal, yet public, only known to its family but holds the story of our nation.

Each era builds upon an old one separated by layers of dust adding its new inventions to the growing pile. Digging through old piles buried under layers and piles of dust you can discover the resourcefulness, innovation, and ingenuity of human beings.
When you're up there, time stops as if waiting for you to find the treasures hidden within it. It teaches lessons from its owners’ mistakes, carrying the wisdom of old age as well. The rest of the house has changed over the years. Renovated by different family members, it covers up memories and fun-filled times with modern glamour and pristine looks.

Many people have lost this treasured gift of a room filled to brim with memories. Thinking about looks, glamour and modernness is the way to go leaving behind love hope strength and kindness. Trying to impress others and destroying their history of courage, strength, sadness, and love.
The Attic shows room for mistakes and learning. Braving it through the hard times and cruising it through the easy times just like the ancestors who come before us and whose stories are hidden up and away in The Attic.

The Attic stands there bearing as a silent witness to everything that came that came to be in its lifetime but as time moves on it sees that proudly showing off its history. Holding trash to one man means treasure to another. Wrapped in time it’s a favorite for old photos, albums, and memories. Locked away, hidden from prying eyes, the true history of a family.

Adjudicators Comments:
‘In a category with particularly strong entries, this short story stood out for its sophisticated use of description and its evocation of something deeper, beyond simply talking about an attic full of family heirlooms. The writer refrains from overwrought prose and implements a technique of flowing sentences amidst short paragraphs that is almost Modernist in style, which we found impressive for someone of their age.’

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