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Spanish police and scientists research virus detecting device

The Spanish Police is working in collaboration with scientists in devising equipment that will allow medical professionals to “see” coronavirus germs on surfaces.

This will allow rapid and contactless analysis of surfaces contaminated with coronavirus, the Policia Nacional said in a statement, by combining image capturing with artificial intelligence.

“This would be great advancement to help clean and decontaminate medical devices and facilities and to reduce contact contagion,” the Policia Nacional said in a statement.

The police said this will not affect patient testing or interfere with clinical, diagnostic or treatment procedures of Covid-19.

Sample images are taken of contaminated surfaces for the development and evaluation of the equipment.

One of the main challenges that the team have found is that the particles of the germs are too small for the naked eye, and hope to roll out this project within the next three months before making it available internationally.

The Carlos III Health Institute has invested over half a million euros for is research into the prototype and it is being led by a team of scientists based at the University of Seville.

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