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Spanish police arrest four French drug traffickers in La Linea

Four French nationals were arrested while attempting to transport 750 kilos of cannabis resin from La Línea to France.

They were arrested at the French border after leaving Spain and 25 bales of cannabis resin were seized from their vehicles.

Officers from the Policía Nacional began investigating the group after receiving a tip off from their French counterparts last October.

Spanish officers came to learn the gang’s modus operandi - they would use stolen luxury cars to transport the drugs to France by road.

Another car would travel alongside, and the driver’s responsibility was to inform of any police patrols on the road.

A statement from the Policía Nacional said they had spotted three cars with French licence plates in an area in La Línea well known for the transfer of cannabis resin.

The suspects drove to a flat in Fuengirola before making their way to France.

At the flat, a number of French licence plates were found, as well as drug paraphernalia and a high-end vehicle that was reported in stolen in France with a counterfeit number plate.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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