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Spanish unions highlight Brexit fears in La Linea rally


By Maria Jesus Corrales

Spanish unions in the Campo de Gibraltar held their traditional May Day rally in La Linea this year, highlighting the unease felt by many workers about the impact that Brexit could have on their lives.

Around 200 people called for special measures for La Linea and for greater investment in the Campo, including on key infrastructure such as rail links.

“There must be guarantees for workers, with or without Brexit,” said Angel Serrano, who leads the UGT union in the Campo.

“If La Linea fails, so will the rest of the Campo,” he sad, adding: “Brexit cannot be used as an excuse for not taking action.”

Manuel Triano, the leader of CCOO, echoed the message and said his unions felt “profound solidarity” with La Linea, whose workers “…have suffered like few others the consequences of social injustice and labour and economic policies that make working class people poorer.”

He said La Linea was “absolutely vulnerable” in the face of Brexit and that successive governments in Spain had failed to take the necessary steps to prepare the city for any potential negative impact.

For that reason, “…it is more important than ever to continue to demand policies of cooperation with Gibraltar that put the interests of people above those of flag-waving politics…”

Ahead of the union rally, the Spanish cross-border workers’ association Ascteg paid tribute to frontier workers at the stature by the border.

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