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Susan Cabezutto releases debut book ‘In Defeat of Goliath’

Local author Susan Cabezutto has released her first book ‘In Defeat of Goliath’, focused on mental health and how it affects family dynamics.

The book published by Michael Terence Publishing is centred on Mazy, a young girl with ‘Pure O’ a form of OCD.

“The book relates the story of a family, an ordinary family in every way, with the exception that they have a sibling that has a severe mental disorder, and obviously the knock-on effect that this disorder has both on herself and all the rest of the family,” Ms Cabezutto told the Chronicle.

Ms Cabezutto wrote the novel in a bid to raise awareness, but also fundraise with a portion of the proceeds set to be donated to Clubhouse Gibraltar.

She called the book an emotional drama, and although the characters are fictitious, within the pages there are some scenes based on true life events she has heard about over the years.

The book is a story on extreme hardship and coming to terms with their new way of life.
But also, it is a story of strength, patience and never giving up.

“My book represents all those people with a mental disorder, those who are suffering a daily battle,” she said.
“I hope that many people can relate to this book.”

Ms Cabezutto said she was inspired during the Covid-19 lockdown and the effect this increased isolation and stress had on people’s mental health.

"I've always been an avid reader and I have a passion for writing, and I came up with this idea,” she said.
“But it wasn't until the Covid lockdown that I really pushed it forward.”

“Mental health was really in our minds at the time because being locked down, we were always thinking about people who were suffering mentally, how it was going to worsen and aggravate their condition.”

In the months and years following the pandemic, Ms Cabezutto continued writing the novel and was on the lookout for publishers until she found Michael Terence Publishing.

“They asked me for a synopsis and the first three chapters of the book immediately.”

“Then they were eager to see the rest, and the moment they had everything, they were eager to go ahead and go ahead with the publishing.”

‘In Defeat of Goliath’ is currently available online via Amazon.

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