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Tarifa fire stabilised after four days of struggle

Photo br Erasmo Fenoy/Europa Sur

A brushfire that has burnt large swathes of hillside behind Tarifa for the past four days has been stabilised, according to Spanish authorities.

There were fears on Wednesday that strong winds would fan the flames and make the blaze spread faster through Mount La Peña.

Strong levanter conditions earlier this week and the area’s topography added to the challenge of tackling the blaze.

On Thursday, Spanish authorities announced that the fire had been stabilized after “intense, millimetric and arduous” work from Spain’s Plan Infoca, with some 110 firefighters and five engines deployed to the area.

Efforts on Thursday focused on reinforcing the area, with the fire no longer having any active fronts leading to authorities considering the situation to be under control.

During the course of the blaze, up to 216 personnel and 18 air vehicles were deployed, as well as six fire engines.

Infoca were assisted by the Andalusian Emergency Group, Local Police, the Local Group of Civil Protection Volunteers of Tarifa, National Police, Civil Guard agents and firefighters of the Provincial Consortium.

The fire is the most significant of the year in the Cadiz area, with investigations as to the cause ongoing.

Spanish authorities have said four individuals are currently being investigated for carrying out “alleged forestry work” on a “private property” within the area.

As of June 1, a prohibition of forestry work throughout forests across the border came into effect against the backdrop of rising temperatures and water shortages.

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