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TG welcomes agreement ‘in principle’, will review details

Together Gibraltar has said it supports the in-principle Brexit agreement announced on Thursday “in principle”, but said that it will review this support when the details are disclosed in full.
The party said it is “relieved” that Gibraltar will not fall off the precipice of a hard Brexit at midnight, with almost certain chaos at the border and great uncertainty for its  citizens and businesses.
However, TG said the terms expressed by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo were “deliberately vague”.
“The solemnity of the announcement points to the fact that the most substantial issues have already been agreed on, yet the detail has been kept from the people of Gibraltar at this stage for reasons unknown,” Together Gibraltar said in a statement.
“We welcome the constructive spirit expressed by both sides after these negotiations, however, without access to the detail of the agreement, TG can only offer its support in principle.”
"TG understand that not reaching an agreement would have been disastrous for Gibraltar, denting our prosperity and threatening our way of life, and believe that - as far as is currently known - this deal does not appear to risk damaging our identity or our ability to govern ourselves. Whether red lines have been crossed remains unclear, and will hopefully be clarified when the details of the agreement are made public."
“The party would also like to remind the electorate that we find ourselves in this position because in June of 2016 the UK effectively threw Gibraltar to the lions.”

“They ripped us out of the EU unwillingly, then proceeded to allow Spain veto over our ability to access a trade deal, and eventually signed their own trade deal that left us to negotiate a deal with little or no leverage.”
Together Gibraltar said it believes that eliminating the frontier and reducing barriers to goods and trade can bring prosperity and a healthier relationship between Gibraltar and its neighbouring territories.
It said it will review its support for this agreement when the details have been disclosed in full.
“Issues such as the implementation of Frontex, the projected scenario after the four-year transition period, or the implications for our economy of creating a “level playing field” require in-depth analysis, in order to evaluate the full future implications of this agreement,” the party added.

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