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The Happiness Foundation marks Mental Health Awareness Week

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The Happiness Foundation is providing positive psychology strategies as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.
They will be supporting mental wellness on GBC radio each morning, on GBC tv, and online via their social media page on Facebook – The Happiness Foundation.

Patron of The Happiness Foundation, the past Governor of Gibraltar Ed Davies, along with Success and Happiness Psychologist Kath Temple and her Trustees, and The Happiness Foundation UK Patron, Dragon’s Den’s Levi Roots, launched The Happiness Foundation at The Convent in October 2019.

“From very difficult times, wonderful things can bloom and grow that truly make a difference in the world,” Kath Temple the Founder and Chief Enthusiasm Officer of The Happiness Foundation said.

“The Happiness Foundation was born from tough times, but that energy can be transmuted and transformed to create something that wouldn’t have existed had the dreadful times not happened. In every crisis, there is a gift, and from that gift positive consequences can flow. In every person’s life there are crisis, and sometimes there is a calling within that crisis that changes the trajectory of someone’s life.”

“We take a neuroscience approach to change futures for the greater good. We tackle those issues that get in the way of Happiness: depression, anxiety, PTSD/Trauma, and grief and loss. We also promote positive psychology, teaching people about the power of their own minds, their ability to run their brain better, the natural pharmacy in the brain and how to change it to change your life, the natural pharmacy in foods and how some foods are ‘happier’ than others and how, through the gut, they can make more serotonin, the happy hormone. And we teach people how to emotionally self-regulate and how to flip the switch of their nervous systems to take back the control of their inner Kingdom, their inner Queendom.”

Ms Temple added the Foundation does 1-1 work in person and online, groupwork in person and online and has just taken on two new rooms at 123 Main Street.

“We are so delighted to be supported by our Gibraltar community and their kindness on our Flag Day,” Ms Temple said.

This year The Happiness Foundation is launching two schools’ projects – Kindness Warriors towards the end of the summer term, and World Change Agents in the autumn term. Their Happy Resilient Families project is also launching in the summer.

“There is nothing quite like The Happiness Foundation in Gibraltar and it has much to offer our community and our schools,” Trustee Darren Grech said.

Trustee Gemma Vasquez of Hassans said: “I enjoy making a difference and that’s why I got involved with The Happiness Foundation.”

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