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"The Soul Road Runners League" Race 2 (≈10km) this Sunday

This Sunday morning the GAAA will be hosting its second Soul Road’ runners league race.
The 10km race will start at the Mid Town Park at 10am with this the first round the Rock race for the current season.

With a rise in Covid-19 numbers being experienced in Gibraltar the association has maintained its Covid-19 guidelines.

The following must be adhered to (Covid-19 restrictions in place):
* Warm up to be done prior to arriving.
* Athletes must arrive 15 minutes prior to the race start time.
* No holding area for clothes or personal belongings will be available.
* No water will be handed out.
* Once athletes have finished they must move away from the finish line immediately and not congregate in the surrounding area.
* No spectators will be allowed around the start/finish line or surrounding areas.
* Bibs not to be returned back once used.
* Toilet facilities may not be available on the day of the race.
* Minimum age is 15 years as at the 31st December 2021.

With the first race of the season already wrapped up competition for positions will now start in earnest as teams start to take up positions.
The first race saw a lower number of participants than had been initially expected. With Carpe Diem also known to have now split into two entities, the original Carpe Diem and a new team which has formed into Carpe Orion, a more recreational running team, the numbers competiting are not expected to be the same as similar past years. Already some runners from the more recreational split have indicated that they are happy to stay away from team competition events and to continue as they are.
Some of the top runners who missed the first race of the season are expected to be making a return as runners have to meet a certain number of races to lose ground in the overall competition.
Races will be classed according to a number of categories these being:

Individual League Categories
Male/Female divisions in All Categories
Trophies for first three in each category both male/female at the end of the league
Junior : Age Group 15 to 18
Senior: Age Group 19 to 34
Masters A: Age Group 35 to 44
IMasters B: Age Group 45 to 54
Masters C: Age Group 55 to 59
Masters D: Age Group 60 to 64
Masters E: Age Group 65+

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