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Tough lesson for the Phoenixes against Marble Arc

It didn’t take long for Marble Arc to stamp their mark as they scored the first three with Courtney starting her tally for the night.
Marble Arc steamed ahead without response as the score went to 7-0 with still four minutes of the first period to go.
Montagu Phoenixes were being delivered a tough lesson of what the first Division was about at the top end. Courtney was quite literally walking them on occasions as Marble Arc made it loom easy.
Marble Arcs opponents also faced at the other end two of the top defenders one from the Campions senior team and the other a former under 21 now going into the seniors. Luckily for them Byrony Rovengo watched from the sidelines.
The first quarter was to finish at 13-0 with Montagu Phoenixes knowing that this was a steep learning curve but a chance to enjoy without the pressures of the league upon them.
“We are going to get one” they joked at the break knowing what they faced.
All credit to Montagu who did not give up and tried to get that one even though the saw the score go to 16-0.
With six minutes left for half time they cheered their first goal and could have had a second too.
Marble Arc were however very sharp under the basket and took the score to 21-1 with four minutes still to play.
Montagu added two more before the halftime buzzer. Keeping calm and forgetting the scoreboard the scorers and attackers played to secure the opportunities they had. Marble Arc going into the half time break at 24-3.
Although seeing the margins continue to grow Montagu Phoenixes kept their smiles and enjoyed the game. Their target to win back as much possession as they could and try and work their way to the other basket and secure additional points.
The third quarter was to finish at 37-3 but with Montagu Phoenixes still keeping their heads held high and trying to make something out of the match.
Marble Arc changed formations with Reyes taking a more offensive role whilst Courtney took a more defensive role.
Even with players in different roles to those normally seen Marble Arcs passing had a fluidity which was difficult to defend against soon seeing the score go to 40-6.
Montagu Phoenixes finished with eight points to their name.
The final score Marble Arc 44-8 Montagu Phoenixes.

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