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University guide for Gibraltar’s students launched

A university guide for local students called ‘Youniversity’ was launched last week, the proceeds of which will be donated to charities Pathway Through Pain and RICC.

Author and former student Philip Vasquez has spent two years drafting the book built on university experiences from a variety of people. His aim was to provide a tailored guide for locals travelling to the UK to further their education.

Mr Vasquez plans on improving the book and continuing his work to perfect the guide.

“The book was done because I felt there were a few problems that people don’t really tell you about when you go and study. People are spoon-fed all the way through school and then they get to university and then you are out of your depth,” Mr Vasquez said.

“Particularly in Gibraltar you have a steep learning curve and from hearing other people and doing research as well we found that there are a lot of problems that we can help solve in the book, but this is just the beginning.”

Philip Vasquez

Mr Vasquez hopes the book inspires people to try and work together, and bring much of the information that we have in Gibraltar to the benefit of the community.

At the well-attended event Minister for Education Gilbert Licudi also addressed the crowd.

“It is always a great thing to launch a local book. In this particular case it is a great privilege for me to be able to launch a book on university so closely after the launch of our own university in Gibraltar, for which we have worked very hard,” Mr Licudi said.

“Students want to know and they need to know, because when they go away, it is not that they do not know what they are letting themselves in for, but they do not know the extent of the change and some of them do find the change quite difficult to cope with.”

“Any advice is certainly helpful and it is good to see that there is a list of 99 tips for people to take away to university.”

Mr Vasquez begun writing the book two years ago about some of the problems he had encountered. The guide includes tips on cooking and has combined 15 years of university experience within ten chapters.

“Having read the book it is incredible the information that is in there. It also made me think about how privileged we are here in Gibraltar to have the system that we have and the help that we have,” said Darren Grech Senior Education Adviser attending on behalf of Pathway Through Pain.

“The proceeds are being donated to charity and again how privileged are we here in Gibraltar to see people giving up of their time and giving so much money to this charity.”

Mr Vasquez also worked alongside editors Rachel Payas and Stefano Blanca. Miss Payas could not attend the event as she is currently studying abroad. The book will be Gibraltar’s first guide book for local students studying abroad.

“I am certainly filled with joy to see people like Philip who is offering two years of hard work up to charity for nothing,” Craig Sacarello said on behalf of RICC.

“What I think personally makes Gibraltar a rich place to live in is that everyone cares, and we see acts of passion and friendship and help.”

The book costs £10 and can be purchased locally at L Sacarello and WHS Smith or online at Amazon.

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