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Vision, vitality and continued prosperity

By Nigel Feetham

Together, my family has given over 50 years of public service to Gibraltar, valuing and respecting each other's opinions. I am not a career politician but I step into this political journey with the sincere intention of helping during the challenging times ahead.

This election is about two main issues. One, who can restore the public finances of Gibraltar following Brexit, Covid and the Ukrainian cost of living crisis by driving economic growth over the next four years. Two, who can you trust to deliver a post-Brexit agreement with the EU. The first is necessary for our continued collective prosperity. The second would be welcome by the large majority of people as long as it does not cross any of our red lines on sovereignty. On either, I believe it is clear that you can only trust the GSLP-Liberals. Why?

The economy doesn’t grow on its own; you need experience and an economic programme that can deliver growth. I have worked in the finance sector for 30 years and have been involved in leading developments in the Finance Centre. Over the last year I have worked on policy initiatives for the Government in the financial services field on a non-remunerated basis, that have already delivered tangible results. During this time I have worked closely with the Chief Minister and the Minister for Financial Services. As regards an EU treaty, we know what the GSLP-Liberal Government stands for. Fabian Picardo has been negotiating tirelessly for the last two years and the deal has stalled only because of the Spanish general election. So ask yourself: do you want to take the risk of changing the government now?

The party leader has publicly confirmed that, if re-elected, he, as Chief Minister, will appoint me as Minister for Financial Services. I have a demonstrable and successful track record in this area.

I have dedicated my career to growing the Gibraltar finance sectors and to the advancement of knowledge and education. I have been a Visiting Professor of law at a UK University and authored a number of law books. I would like to think that I have already positively contributed to the financial security of our community over many years, but I assure you that the best is yet to come.

I have helped many entrepreneurs set up businesses in Gibraltar. These have created hundreds of jobs and contributed tens of millions of pounds of government revenues. Some businesses I helped to set up are, today, among the largest contributors to the Gibraltar economy.

I have also been heavily involved in the restructuring of the financial sector and diversification of this important part of the economy, post-Brexit, in very uncertain times.

The private sector economy is the engine that helps to pay for education, health and public services.

We have to maintain the right environment and support for our finance and related sectors, continue to grow the economy and, at the same time, maximise the employment opportunities and prospects for our people, including, importantly, our young generation.

Over the last year I have also been working with key individuals and organisations in the educational and training fields where amazing work is already being done. My role has been to bring them together and challenge ourselves if more can be done and how to ensure the best outcome for our community. If elected to office, and spearheaded by my future Ministry, we are committed to fostering and accelerating a local culture for learning, collaboration and skills development in the financial field. I will put the continued prosperity of our people at the heart of everything I would do.

Our commitment to you is delivering, always, what is best for Gibraltar. Working together I am confident that it can be done. It is crucial that we do so. Please walk with us on this journey!

Gibraltar hasn’t come this far to only come this far. We are the team with the vision, commitment and connection to get the job done. On 12 October, vote for all ten GSLP Liberal candidates. Vision, vitality and continued prosperity - our commitment for getting the job done and to Keep Gibraltar Safe.

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