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Words, words, words

Due to concerns of coronavirus this event has now been cancelled.

By Cecil Gomez
In the early nineties walking somewhere in the centre of Sevilla I came across a little shop that had beautifully bound books.
I went inside and opened one... and it was blank.
I opened another one... and it was blank too.
To cut a long story short they sold books with blank pages inside. These books were in all shapes and sizes for people to use them according to their needs
I bought one, a big one with no clear idea of how I would use it.
The pages were of a texture ideal to write on and included a lined page to insert behind the page as guidelines.
It was not till some years later that I thought to write in them.
The contents were mainly quotes on books, poems and articles I had found interesting, that said something to me.
Only recently, having being house bound after a hip-replacement, did I come upon this book. Upon re-reading the idea struck me that it might have the makings of a recital. The entries were both in English and Spanish so I decided to explore the possibilities of those in English and found out there was enough material for an hour’s recital.
To my surprise the sequence of entries, were like a journey through life from birth to death. However, the variety of entries has enabled me, at all stages in this journey, to have a balance between the serious and not so serious.
I have called this collection using Hamlet’s ‘Words, words, words...’
as its title.
I have been able to entice six of my veteran readers to take part:
Richard Garcia, Carmen Gomez, Araceli Latin, Elizabeth Neish, Alfred Reoch and Carol Trinidad.
We are presenting this recital in The Charles Hunt Room at The John Mackintosh Hall on Thursday 12th March at 8pm. Sale of tickets at Sacarellos during opening hours and at The Mario Finlayson Gallery, City Hall from 10am to 4.30pm.

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