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Gibraltar’s Dr Dolittle and the stunned Nightjar

Thanks to the quick thinking actions of the “Gibraltarian Dr Dolittle” Jessica Mendez, a Nightjar that suffered a concussion was able to recover with the assistance of GONHS.

The story started when Danica Torrilla and her friend Nathan Day pulled into a parking up the Rock and noticed a bird in the middle of the road.

“I was sure it was dead, the bird was not responding at all, Nathan kept trying to get it to move, feed him etc. Eventually the bird did show some signs of life,” she said.

Mr Day placed the bird in a bucket and the pair sat there thinking about what they could do, as neither of them had any experience as to what a bird needs.

“All I could think was to call Jessica Mendez, she is the biggest animal lover I know, always rescuing something. With a total of 27 pets, most of them rescued, I thought who better to call than our own Gibraltarian Dr Dolittle,” she said.

Ms Mendez agreed immediately to take the bird in and when Ms Torilla and Mr Day arrived at her home she told them it was a Nightjar and that someone from GONHS was coming to pick it up.

“We have been updated that Lenny Jr the 3rd – yes, we named him - had suffered a concussion but was doing much better up at Jew’s Gate and they are ready to let him go now,” Ms Torrilla told the Chronicle.

“So thanks to Nathan and Jessica, Lenny will be able to get to where he intended soon enough,” she added.

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