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League clubs call for reduction of home grown players

Gibraltar national league clubs are understood to have voted in favour of presenting proposals for a reduction in the number of home grown players on the field from five to four.
Discussions over the reduction of home grown player numbers was due to have been at the centre of a debate last week where a vote on proposals to reduce the numbers has been held among clubs.
According to informed sources a total of seven of the eleven clubs have voted in favour of submitting proposals to reduce the current numbers to four players on the field. With three clubs rejecting the proposals.
The Gibraltar Football League Association is now expected to submit proposals for consideration to the Gibraltar FA of its proposals for a reduction.
The Gibraltar FA, as the governing body of football is ultimately responsible on whether a change in the current home grown player rules will take place. A similar vote last summer was rejected with the national league still using the five-player Home Grown Player rule this past season.
The home grown player rule saw the introduction of three players in July 2016 with the numbers then increased later to five as many clubs limited the numbers of players being used to the minimum required.
An attempt last summer to change the rule from five to four received six votes in favour. At the time it was revealed that under Gibraltar Football League Association rules at the time a resolution could only be carried if “it received a vote in favour from 75% or more of the votes present and cast at the general meeting. 
This would require more than eight of the eleven clubs to vote in favour. The latest vote once again falling short.
At least two of the clubs who are understood to have supported to keep the five player rule in place and have ventured to play with more than five locals are understood to have been among clubs who have recorded profits this season (financial year ending December 2021).

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