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Moroccan short films to be streamed online tonight

The Strait of Gibraltar Association in partnership with Gibraltar Morocco Business Association will air its first online broadcasting of two Moroccan short films on Tuesday evening.

The event will take place on their Facebook page at 6pm Moroccan time, 7pm Gibraltar time.

The movies are 2020 directed by Mohamed Said Zerbouh and The Last Dance directed by Hamza Dakkoun.

Following the movie screenings there will be a discussion with the two directors. The event will be presented by the patron of the association Henry Sacramento.

President of Strait of Gibraltar Association in Tangier Brahim Krikaz spoke to the Chronicle about the event.

“The movie night is about Moroccan cinema for us and it is our objective to build a bridge of community between Gibraltar and Morocco,” he said.

“Through art we can have a good understanding and knowledge of how we each do things and how we deal with problems and also success.”

“Creating this will create a bridge between Gibraltar and Morocco because sometimes it is weird as geographically we are near but mentally not as near.”

“We are Arab, Muslim and Africans and we have not been so near culturally. On the level of art and cinema there has been hardly none between Gibraltar and Morocco.”

He believes that you can transmit messages to different cultures via movies as other forms of art.

The first film, 2020, is five minutes long and is about a child going to school and the things that happens on the way and around the school with things like drug dealing occurring.

There are also conversations between adolescents who are speaking about trying new things.

Mr Krikaz said there is another story line within the movie but will not divulge what this is and wants the public to discover it for themselves.

The second film, Last Dance, is about a clown who entertains children and it focuses on using body language with only two words in the movie.

“It is very simple, the main object is the talk show we will do later,” said Mr Krikaz.

“But in the same time we are open to talk about other things not only movie and maybe the discussion on the movie will lead us there.”

“We are going to talk about problems in Morocco, problems with young people. Sometimes we will find that our problems re the same as in Gibraltar. But not always problems there will be success stories too.”

He also noted that young people in Gibraltar often tell him that they want to come to Morocco for day trip.

“I would like them to come over and but first experience the art and culture before they come, that is why we invite them to watch these movies,” he said.

“We would like the Moroccan young people to discovery what Gibraltarians do in the next phase.”

He also invited young people or anyone who want to know about Morocco culturally or if anyone has any idea they would like to implement for them to get in touch with the Association.

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