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Over 190 tonnes of hashish seized in Campo since September, crackdown continues

Spain’s Guardia Civil has seized over 190 tonnes of cannabis resin and arrested 1,500 people in the Campo de Gibraltar since last September, according to the country’s Interior Ministry.
The details were released yesterday as the Guardia Civil confirmed a further six arrests, this time members of a drug trafficking ring operating from the Chafarinas Islands near the Spanish north African enclave of Melilla.
More than 150 Guardia Civil officers were involved in Operation Karsana and approached the islands via air, sea and land on the day of the arrests.
The Guardia Civil also seized three fast launches in the operation.
The gang allegedly stored the drugs and explosives in a “nursery at sea” in the Chafarinas Islands, some 27 nautical miles from Melilla and off the coast of Morocco.

The vessels, loaded with more than three tonnes of cannabis, would set out into the Alboran Sea and head towards the Iberian Peninsula undetected by Moroccan authorities, the Guardia Civil said.
This indicated the “high volume” of drugs being moved by the gang, the Guardia Civil said.
“This is why Operation Karsana was considered to be such a success,” the Guardia Civil said in a statement.
“They set the precedence in international drug trafficking in terms of the logistics and infrastructure used to transport the drugs.”
According to the Guardia Civil, the drug traffickers would tranship the drugs onto other vessels such as fishing boats, pleasure boats or fast launches.
Avoiding the strong easterly and westerly winds and if the wind was in their favour, they would head back without being caught.
Last month four men were arrested for loading the drugs from a fast launch onto a luxury yacht heading towards Fuengirola in Málaga, the statement read.
Once the Guardia Civil were able to establish the gang’s modus operandi, officers set out to intervene.
Those arrested are facing charges of being members of a criminal organisation, drug trafficking and smuggling.
The arrests come as the Guardia Civil cracks down on drug trafficking in the Campo area, the statement read.