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Parody and Lopez confident as they head to World Cup of Darts

Gibraltar heads to the world cup of Darts in Hamburg where they will be playing Japan first on Thursday. This will be one of the biggest games Dyson Parody and Anthony Lopez will face this year with the match due to be shown by Sky sports on Thursday.
The duo were confident in that they could produce a positive result for Gibraltar if they can keep the right mental approach to the event. Something their Team Manager Desmond Cunningham more than agreed with.
The now veteran local darts player Dyson Parody who with his nine appearances made him one of the most experienced around at present was confident they could succeed in their attempt to reach the next round. “For us the crowd will be on our side because we are the smallest country like every year. It's going to be hard for both of us. But Japan, being the favorites, I personally don't see them favorites but it is gonna cost them a lot to be there’” he commented ahead of his departure to Hamburg.
“It feels really good to represent Gibraltar it is alway an honor for me moreso since I am going for the ninth time. It's easier because I'm going with Anthony. Without disrespecting the other players I have gone before but to me it is a load of my mind because I am going with Anthony this year,” he explained.
Anthony Lopez commented, “I am very happy to go with Dyson he brings the
experience to the table and I will do my utmost to bring it home. On our day, we can beat anyone.”
Desmond Cunningham their team manager was also confident about the duo’s prospects, “a splendid team, their record speaks for itself.”
Mr Cunningham had nothing but accolades for his team. Though new to the scene Mr Cunningham was confident Anthony Lopez would provide some freshness to the team. He was also confident that with the right attitude the team’s prospects were good.
He did not dismiss Japan adding, ‘Japan is a very good team they have
awesome players, but my team on the day if they get their game together, the right approach, the crowd on their side and they feed off each other on the practice board and away from it at a social level to achieve as much of a mental and positive approach for this massive forthcoming event anything is possible. I have confidence they will exceed expectations.”
Dyson Parody adding, ‘This year we have got a good team to go a couple of rounds.”
Dyson Parody And Antony Lopez will head off to Hamburg, Germany to participate in the BetVictor World Cup of Darts today. The first match is; Gibraltar v Japan (Seigo Asada and Haruki Muramatsu)? Thursday 6th June 2019 at 8pm CET and will be shown LIVE on Sky Sports.?

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