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Scottish author releases new book featuring Gibraltar today

Photo by Tyrone Davis

Scottish author Scott Alcroft has made his home in Gibraltar, featuring the Rock in his sixth and latest book ‘With Change Comes Consequences’, which has been released today.

Since first visiting the Rock in 2007 Mr Alcroft fell in love, and in his writings, he has made sure to mention Gibraltar.

"[Gibraltar] does get a mention again yes,” Mr Alcroft said.

“As everyone who knows me over here knows, I love this place and that's why I reside over here.”

“Gibraltar holds a very special place in my heart and the way that I've left this book on a cliffhanger, you can be sure that Gibraltar will be featured heavily in my seventh book.”

This new book follows the story of Jock and Kenny and follows his book ‘Bonded By Burns’.

“This new one, ‘With Change Comes Consequences’ is a sequel to my last book ‘Bonded By Burns’ and sees the hapless twosome of Jock and Kenny popping back inside the Time machine for some more crazy adventures,” Mr Alcroft said.

In his last book ‘Bonded By Burns’, Jock and Kenny go back in time and visit people from Scottish history, Rabbie Burns and Sean Connery.

Mr Alcroft has described it as Bonded By Burns as “Back To The Future meets Scotland”.

This time, the story takes a different route.

"I toyed with the idea and thought about them going to visit Billy Connolly from when he worked in the Shipbuilding along with maybe one other but this one is much different,” Mr Alcroft said.

“They actually go back and change one thing or event that happened in each of my last five books.”

“Regular readers of my other books will know about major events that happened in each of my books and the boys get the option to change one thing from each of them but with change, comes the consequences.”

He added there are spoilers from his other books in this one.

“Yes. You mustn't read this one if you haven't read the other five as this one will give away the major events from each of my other books,” he said.

Mr Alcroft has no plans to slow down and aims to continue to write books in this series.

He would even like to his books in film.

“Absolutely yes. I have lots of ideas in this head of mine and my plan is to write at least twenty or so,” he said.

“I would love them to be picked up by TV, Film or Theatre one day and hopefully that will happen. I think that they are all that good. The ratings and reviews that they are all getting are incredible.”

After his visit in 2007, Mr Alcroft knew he would come to live in Gibraltar.

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic he has been unable to visit his family and friends in Scotland.

“I love my life over here,” he said.

“I'm so blessed. I haven't been home [Scotland] since last September and I miss it terribly. I think Covid has had a massive effect on that and hopefully I will be home soon to visit everyone. I love seeing everyone and always get a great welcome from the people of my small town when I visit the local watering holes.”

The book ‘With Change Comes Consequences’ is out today, September 29, 2021 and it's available on Amazon on Kindle or Paperback.

He added an audiobook could be coming soon.

“I'm hoping to bring all of my books onto audiobook soon too as lots of people have been asking, so look out for that happening,” Mr Alcroft said.

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