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Diversity training for RGP officers

The RGP has commissioned specialist training and police officers are currently updating their skills with ‘Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Workshops,’ led by Rob Priddy, an ex-Police Superintendent in Gloucestershire and a former instructor at the UK College of Policing.

“The RGP aims to be an organisation that ensures fair treatment and opportunity, both for its workforce and for the community it serves, by eradicating all prejudice and discrimination,” said a statement from the RGP.
In 2021 the RGP launched its Equality and Diversity strategy for the force.

An objective of the RGP is to promote itself as being a mixed and diverse team, promoting all the advantages that diversity brings.

“In order to carry out their obligations and duties, police officers must build upon the trust of the people they serve. This means policing the different elements that make Gibraltar one big community, constantly being aware of equality, diversity and inclusion,” said the statement.

As a result these workshops were commissioned.

The workshops are particularly topical as they come just at a time when a major report has found that some police officers in the UK have been guilty of sexual misconduct, misogyny, racism and homophobia, the statement added.

Each workshop lasts for one day so, during the week, there will be five workshops in order that all Sergeants, Inspectors, Chief Inspectors, Superintendents as well as the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner can attend.

Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger said: “I believe that it is important that we have a strategy that provides our organisation with direction and vision on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Our commitment to this strategy must be one of the foundations for everything we do, whether it is internally with our workforce or externally with the community that we serve.”

“I acknowledge that any form of discrimination can seriously hamper our relationship with our community or with members of our organisation and I will strive to ensure that this does not happen.”

“Rob Priddy’s workshops are a valuable way of reminding everyone of these principles and it is important that all our leaders – and even those who may soon be promoted into leadership roles – are updated in this way.”

The week of training was opened Samantha Sacramento, the Minister for Justice, Equality and Public Standards and Regulation, who said: “Significant work has already been done in this area by the RGP for which they must be commended but, both the Commissioner and I recognise that there is still more to be done and we do not underestimate the effort needed to embed it firmly in everything that they do.”

“We also agree that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to diversity, equality and inclusion and that our local response needs to be tailor-made to ensure that our local needs are addressed.”

“I am therefore delighted that this bespoke training has been commissioned to all the RGP’s senior staff. Just like everyone else, our police officers need to be reminded regularly that the local community will not accept discrimination in any form.”

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