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Gibraltar faced a 63-100 defeat at the hands of Armenia

Early misses on either side saw Gibraltar break the deadlock after close to two minutes of play as they notched their first two points.
Already Armenia had set about to use their height and build advantage to try and force some early three points. They, nevertheless, had to wait for two free shot before they scored their first two points.
It was not long before a quick break saw them add a further two after stealing in defence.
Gibraltar kept pace and stayed level those early moments going to 4-4. Armenia was to respond with a three point shot which took them into that early advantage lead.
Some neat handling by Yome set Garcia Tejon to add two more, but leaving Armenia still in the lead.
Gibraltar came back and equalised at 8-8 and should have taken the lead but missed the free shot opportunities once again. Similar to the previous day allowing Armenia to retake the lead soon after as they converted their free shots at the other end.
This started to weigh heavily on Gibraltar who saw Armenia stretch their lead to 8-16 with still over four minutes of the first quarter to play.
Armenia’s confidence in their shots was evident as they tried for the long shots against a watching defence. Their success rate, however, was not as high as they would have wished keeping the gap at nine points as they reached the final two minutes of the quarter.
A determined response from Gibraltar on the court managed to keep Armenia at bay and reduced the points gap to seven. Armenia added their last two in the final seconds after Gibraltar had thought they had done enough to bring the score down to just five. The first quarter finished, Gibraltar 15-22 Armenia.
Gibraltar started the second quarter cutting the points gap to just three as they converted their efforts and took it to 19-22. Armenia, however, again responded with a three point shot which dampened the mood.
Armenia were soon back with an eight point lead. Quick paced breaks were providing Armenia space to find the basket as they took advantage of a slump in the conversion rates or attempts at basket.
With four minutes of the second quarter played Armenia led by eleven points, at 21-32. Garcia Tejon converted a three points, only to see Armenia convert their own and get an additional shot and then add another to take it to 24-39.
A good effort by Mcgrail, stealing by the halfway line, saw him add two points to his name.
It was Garcia Tejon combining with Buxton under the basket that added two further points as Gibraltar reduced the deficit to within eleven points again with three minutes for halftime.
Some neat passing between Buxton and Noon, the two main vets in the squad added a further two as they compensated for Armenia’s free shot points.
Quick rotations of the squad provided some rested legs that provided two further points through Noon As Gibraltar looked at cutting the points gap substantially.
Armenia was not to sit back. Again their three point success kept piling the pressure. Yome’s final attempt in the half to try break through the middle saw the ball stolen providing Armenia the chance for a quick break and two further points added, Gibraltar facing now a fifteen point deficit after a determined effort.
Armenia, playing their first match of the tournament finished the second quarter with a 30-45 lead.
Armenias 68% conversion rate of two point attempts against Gibraltar’s 58% proving decisive. Although Gibraltar had bettered their conversion rate from the previous day against San Marino Armenia were proving themselves a tough opposition with abundant confidence to take them forward into the second half of the match.
Gibraltar started the third quarter with some confidence on the court with the first three attempts, but only coming away with two points. Armenia in their first attempt grabbing three free shots that took them to a 32-48. Soon after adding another two baskets on quick breaks.
Armenia took their lead to twenty points with only three minutes of the third quarter played with the score at 32-52.
Cassaglia was to try using Yome, McGrail and Rodriguez at the same time for a while adding some pace to their movements. The tactic, although providing some pace to Gibraltar offensive was well stopped by Armenia who instead went further into the lead at 38-63 with still half the quarter to play.
Gibraltar continued to try and work around the back of Armenia’s defence but a well disciplined circular defence under the basket blocked their way to the basket and limited the long shots.
Armenia stretched their lead to 40-68 with three minutes of the third quarter still to play.
With a minute left for the end of the third quarter Gibraltar faced a daunting task already thirty-one points behind at 41-72.
The third quarter was to finish Gibraltar 45-76. Armenia doubling their lead from the end of the first half.
The final quarter was a matter of pride which saw Gibraltar try and claw back points and finish with a respectable number of points themselves. Armenia were now looking towards trying to reach the 100 point mark as they accumulated early points to go to 50-86 with two and a half minutes of the quarter played.
The early pace in rallying points slowed down somewhat midway through the quarter.
With four minutes left to play the score was at 56-91, Gibraltar struggling to break into the 60 point mark whilst Armenia still looked set to reach the 100 points.
Sam Buxton put Gibraltar on what had seemed the allusive 60point target with a three point shot with three minutes still left to play. Armenia, however just six points away from the 100 points at that point. With just under two minutes left Armenia scored their 100th point to go to a 62-100 lead, continuing to stretch the points gap between the two.
With this the last group match for Gibraltar it was now between San Marino and Armenia to decide who would finish top of the group.
The final result of Gibraltar 63-100 Armenia providing the latter momentarily with the lead at the top of their group table.

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