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Local poet publishes first book with international release

Mel Marzan Book07-01-19 (Photo John )

A book of poetry detailing memorable life moments has been published by local author Mel Marzan in her debut book ‘Raw’. The book, a collection of poems, is published by Austin Macauley and released internationally.

Local poet Mel Marzan has published her first book, a collection of personal poetry, called ‘Raw’.

The collection of 25 poems peeks into Ms Marzan’s life, her emotions, her relationship and follows her path to finding and falling in love.

The books title ‘Raw’ is a reflection of her writing style.

Ms Marzan writes down her poems, but does not revise them afterwards, allowing her work to lay bare her emotions at that precise moment of her life.

The book published by Austin Macauley in London has been released internationally.

It is currently stocked in Waterstones in the UK, as well as in Barnes and Noble in the US on stock demand as well as online on Amazon.

“I have been writing bits of poetry in my journal for years when I was feeling down or happy,” Ms Marzan told the Chronicle.

“I would turn to my book to write it down and I have been doing that for the past four or five years and I never really thought of doing anything with it until my partner read through my work and she suggested putting it together.”

At first Ms Marzan was a bit hesitant to show her work as it includes “really personal information”.

“They are like diary entries,” she said.

She decided to send her work to publishers Austin Macauley two years ago and her work was accepted.

Mel Marzan Book07-01-19    (Photo John  )

Mel Marzan Book07-01-19 (Photo John )

The book was released late last year and can be purchased in both America and the UK.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was something I was writing for myself and I had never thought of doing anything with it,” she said.

“It was something that I did to release my emotions, little did I know that it would be something that would be published.”

“I am not nervous, but I feel that people are peaking into my life every time they tell me they have bought the book because it is so personal. They are reading about my thoughts and feelings.”

“To anyone who buys the book, I really want to get feedback because it’s so personal.”

Mel Marzan Book07-01-19    (Photo John  )

Mel Marzan Book07-01-19 (Photo John )

The idea of writing poetry came to mind after her studies in school.

“In school I took English Literature and we studied poets, and I found out I really liked that sort of side to literature,” Ms Marzan said.

“I started investigating and I found out about other poets like Lang Leav, she’s really contemporary and I am a super fan of her work and started reading all of her books.”

Lang Leav is a poet from Thailand who has written numerous novels. Ms Marzan was also inspired by American poet Andrea Gibson.

“They were an inspiration but I don’t base [my work] on any style or anybody,” she said.

“When I’m writing it is as if my body has taken over. I just start writing and I don’t stop.”

“Once I finish I don’t even read over it. That is why I called it ‘Raw’ because just how it came out on the page is how it was published.”

“It didn’t go back and look at it, I didn’t change it. It was from my thoughts straight to the book.”

The book is described as, “thought-provoking, heart-touching and mind-releasing poetry” that sees Ms Marzan put her thoughts and emotions from pen to paper.

“You can see the development of a relationship,” Ms Marzan said.

“At first I’m very weary and the poems are very much on whether this relationship will work. I’m a little bit scared at the beginning and then as it starts building on its happier.”

One of her first poems discusses the feeling of longing for her partner.

“It’s almost as if you can smell the person but they are not there,” she said.

Ms Marzan added that she has received positive reviews so far about the book and looks forward to hearing feedback from those who pick up a copy.

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