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Plans filed for £8m Arengo’s project

An outline planning application has been filed to redevelop No10 and 12 Arengo’s Palace Lane into an £8m apartment block, with multi-storey parking and roof gardens.

The application seeks permission to construct eight levels, with parking for 70 cars on the first two storeys.

The remaining six floors will have approximately 60 apartments, many of which will be one bedroomed.

The site at present consists of a partially built building and a house.

The developer states that these buildings have “little or no architectural or historical value, and its construction and structure does not lend itself to a practical refurbishment or extension.”

The developer also stated that the demand for his planned accommodation has “been highlighted recently as a by-product of the referendum known as Brexit,”

The EU referendum result last year has given rise to a demand for affordable homes for locals or others seeking to move into Gibraltar.

The developer Keith Darling said the price per square metre would be “less than what is available now.”

At the back of the property is a 3,500sq metred walled garden which is not accessible to anyone at the moment.

In a bid to give added amenities to the development and to “give back” to the area, the developer aims to open up the garden, conduct a full clearing of all unwanted plants and reopen its walkways.

He believes that the two schools in the nearby vicinity could benefit greatly from having access to the garden, be it for studying of plants or for gardening.

The designers worked within the boundaries of creating a building that would “ensure that the skyline of Gibraltar is not unduly altered.”

The highest part of the development will be in line with nearby Arengo’s Car Park.

The first two levels of the proposed development are for car parking and will be accessed at the current road levels.

The next two floors cover the full surface are of the site and will consist of apartments and a communal garden will extend up through the building from level three.

The remaining floors will be “stepped in” to break up the massing of the development.

The rooftop will consist of a roof garden, which will be accessible from apartments on level eight and two communal areas, one of which will have a shared pool.

Other personal gardens will be created around the development off other apartments on the various levels.





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