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School Year’s 6-7 Category Runner up Power of Dreams by David Verdes Pachkoria

My dream is simple,
I only dream to play the piano on a floating piece of ice,
I can hear, I can sense the sweet sounds of the Impromptu Fantasia.

With my fantasies and dreams,
I can play my frozen black and white keys,
With my passion and emotions,
I can touch the bottom of the ocean.

As quick as an echo,
The music will spread and increase the tempo,
It will quickly embrace your mind and soul,
And stay with you like a shadow.

It will stop anger and fury from getting in the way,
The music will heal you along the way.

Judge Charlie Durante’s comments:

“We are told music has the power to calm the savage breast. It enthrals the listener, comforts the lonely, and stirs up deep emotions. David’s Power of Dreams is also a confession of the power of music. The initial image of playing a piano on a floating piece of ice is poetic and suggestive. Music lingers in the inner ear and, as the poem claims, ‘stays with you like a shadow.’ It also has a therapeutic effect: it heals and restores mental and even physical health. David’s piano with its ‘frozen black and white keys’ can submerge you into a world of deep emotion. This is a simple poem which reflects a mature response to the power of music.”

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