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Unite urges members to vote in public sector pay ballot

Photo by Johnny Bugeja

Unite the Union on Wednesday called on its members in the public sector to participate in a ballot concerning the current pay offer presented by the Government of Gibraltar and announced by the Chief Minister in his Parliament speech.

It said that the results of the ballot will “guide” its future actions and negotiations when discussing pay in the public sector.

The ballot process will begin on Monday September 4, and will run for a two week period, ending on Friday September 15.

The union recommends that its members accept the offer.

“This important step reflects Unite's commitment to advocating for fair and equitable compensation for all public sector employees,” Unite said in a statement.

“Unite the Union recognises the dedication and hard work of these individuals, who provide essential services that keep our society running smoothly.”

“As the collective bargaining representative for a significant portion of public sector employees, Unite is entrusted with the responsibility to negotiate on behalf of its members to secure fair wages and working conditions.”

 Over the past months, Unite said it has engaged in constructive discussions with representatives from the Gibraltar Government to address the issue of compensation for public sector workers.

“These negotiations have been centred around the goal of achieving an offer that recognises the efforts of these employees and adequately reflects the cost of living and economic realities, especially for the lower earners in the public sector,” the union said.

“The two-year pay proposal is the best available deal through negotiation.” 

 The union said that in light of the current circumstances, it believes that it is “essential” to provide its members with the opportunity to voice their opinions on the proposed pay offer.

“The upcoming ballot will allow each member to express their individual stance on the offer, ensuring that their collective voice is heard and respected,” the union said.

“Unite the Union is committed to transparency, fairness, and democratic processes.”

“The decision to call for a ballot demonstrates Unite's dedication to empowering its members and involving them in decisions that directly impact their lives and livelihoods.”

Ballot officials will be visiting union members at their workplace to ask for their participation.

“Unite encourages all its eligible members in the public sector to actively participate in the ballot, as their input will be crucial in shaping the union's stance on the current pay offer,” the union said.

“We recommend that this offer is accepted as being the best possible outcome of negotiations with the Government of Gibraltar.”

 “Unite the Union remains committed to advocating for the best interests of its members and the broader workforce.”

“The results of the ballot will guide Unite's future actions and negotiations with the Gibraltar Government, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of public sector workers are at the forefront of all discussions.”

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