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Women’s Mentorship Programme sees 60 people enrol

Over 60 participants have enrolled in the second cycle Women’s Mentorship Programme, with the programme set to conclude this November.

The positive impact of Women’s Mentorship Programme was highlighted by the Government in a statement.

This follows a feedback and networking session for all participants with the caretaker minister for equality, Samantha Sacramento.

The programme is supported by a wide cross section of the community and is endorsed by key stakeholder organisations including the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses, the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, Girls in Tech Gibraltar, Women in Business, and EY Gibraltar.

The programme strongly encourages men as well as women from across Gibraltar’s private and public sectors to volunteer as mentors.

“Through fostering strong individual relationships, the programme works to break down barriers, as well as actively supporting women to achieve their personal and professional goals,” said a statement from the Government.

The feedback and networking session gave the participants an opportunity to reflect on and share their experiences and to expand their Women’s Mentorship Programme network beyond their individual mentor-mentee relationships.

“The aim is to create and develop a talent pool of participants in order to expand the reach of the programme and generate further outcomes that have a positive domino effect on the wider community,” said the Government statement.

An important part of this is developing past mentees into future mentors.

Georgina Morello was a participant in the first pilot cycle and now mentors two other women.

“I was extremely fortunate and grateful to have His Excellency the Governor as my mentor,” she said.

“As a mentee in the WMP pilot scheme, my mentor helped me gain clarity on a number of ongoing projects, which has proved to be instrumental in my development. I was also able to sharpen my public speaking skills and the overall experience has truly served to boost my confidence and has brought about a heightened sense of self-awareness.”

“A mentor in the second cycle, I am genuinely thrilled to be pouring my knowledge, experience and wisdom into others. Helping my mentee develop her skill-set, achieve her peak performance and seeing her grow into her full potential both in her personal and professional life is proving to be highly rewarding and fulfilling on all levels.”

Katherine Grant is a member of the Women’s Mentorship Programme panel and is also participating in the second cycle as a mentee.

At the event, she emphasised the benefits that a mentor can have for women when facing challenges in the workplace.

“I went into the mentee experience not really knowing what to expect, and I been amazed at the impact it has had on me so far,” she said.

“My mentor comes from a completely different industry and is in many ways opposite to me.”

“He has challenged me to think differently and has given me advice and support which I have taken up and have seen business impact already. He has acted like a coach from the sidelines, has acknowledged tough positions I have been in, and encouraged me to make the changes. I feel like I have someone in my corner and it is gratefully received as it is a lonely job managing a business.”
Ian McGhie is one of the programme’s mentors.

“As a mentor, I hope to be able to use my professional experience to assist my mentee develop in the workplace, as well as in our society more generally,” he said.

“I think it is important to strive for gender equality in the workplace where, unfortunately, there remain too many 'glass ceilings’ that with our help need to be smashed by women in Gibraltar who undoubtedly possess masses of potential.”

Ms Sacramento, said she was proud of the impact that the programme has, not only on its volunteers and participants, but also on Gibraltar’s working community as a whole.

“I was delighted to see so many mentors from the pilot cycle returning to mentor for a second time. We also heard from past mentees who have become mentors themselves,” she said.

“The Women’s Mentorship Programme is a testament to what can be achieved when people are provided with an opportunity.”

“Through fostering individual relationships that otherwise might never happen, barriers are being broken across the gender divide and across economic sectors. The Programme actively works towards achieving Gender Equality in the workplace through changing attitudes and bringing together a variety of diverse perspectives into one incredible learning experience.”

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