Yesterday, 29th May 2015

49 art students from Westside are showcasing their work at the Fine Art Gallery. This is the second time the school has put together this type of exhibition which is work produced by the students for their GCSE and A Level coursework. The picture shows just some of the students at the opening on Wednesday at the Fine Art Gallery with their teachers. Pic: AM.


Barclays closes doors on 126 years of local history

Yesterday, 29th May 2015 - by Brian Reyes

Barclays Bank will close the doors to its Main Street branch for the last time at 4pm this afternoon, bringing to an end 126 years of local retail banking services in Gibraltar.
The bank will retain a small presence of around 16 employees here focused mainly on large companies and super rich clients, as well as supporting current lending.
But since the decision to close was announced toward the end of 2013, Barclays has scaled back its operations dramatically and laid off the bulk of its 108-strong local workforce.

Joelle Baglietto is Rock Chef 2015

Yesterday, 29th May 2015 - by Alice Mascarenhas

Joelle Baglietto last night became the first female chef to win Rock Chef. At the end of last night’s television series on GBC, the programme initiated by the GFSB and produced by Gib Media, Culture Minister Steven Linares presented her with the winning trophy for Rock Chef 2015.
Ms Baglietto told the Chronicle that to have become the first woman to win in three editions of the Rock Chef was both a privilege and an honour.

EU offers Gib a ‘safeguard from Spain’ - Garcia

Yesterday, 29th May 2015 - by Cristina Cavilla in Brussels

A UK exit from the European Union could hand Spain “free reign” to do what they like with the Gibraltar-Spain border, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said. 
With a UK Referendum on whether to sever ties with the European Union to take place by the end of 2017, it raises the question of how a UK exit would impact on Gibraltar. 

GSD slams Govt’s ‘amusement’ over traffic question

Yesterday, 29th May 2015

The Gibraltar Government is ducking questions about ‘nightmare school runs’ and parking congestion, the Opposition claimed yesterday, adding that Traffic Minister Paul Balban appeared ‘amused’ by the concerns.
Opposition MP Selwyn Figueras claimed Mr Balban had failed to provide Parliament with details of the current stage of the public consultation on the Sustainable Traffic Transport and Parking Plan.

Govt hits back over GSD’s ‘fishing hypocrisy’

Yesterday, 29th May 2015

The Gibraltar Government has accused the GSD of ‘boundless hypocrisy’ on the fishing issue.
“After allowing uncontrolled fishing by Spanish commercial fishermen since their illegal 1999 Agreement, and openly saying they will allow fishing again if ever they came to power, they are calling for the Government to stop it,” No 6 Convent Place said in a statement.

Picardo briefs EU committee on Gib tax facts

Thursday, 28th May 2015 - by Cristina Cavilla in Brussels

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo defended the Rock in the face of ‘hostile but irrelevant’ questioning yesterday from a Spanish member of the EU’s newly set-up special committee looking into unfair tax practices in Europe. 
The session with the TAXE Committee was one of the first items in a busy schedule of back-to-back meetings in Brussels yesterday for a delegation from the Gibraltar Government. 


Gib opens permanent Brussels office

Thursday, 28th May 2015 - by Cristina Cavilla in Brussels

More than 85 diplomats, ambassadors and MEPs attended the official opening of Gibraltar’s new permanent office in Brussels yesterday evening. 
Declaring the Gibraltar House open, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said the 1.1 million Euro property “shows how Gibraltar is coming of age and is open to doing business with the European Union.”  


Chamber signals frustration with public debt debate

Thursday, 28th May 2015 - by Brian Reyes

The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce has urged greater transparency in the debate on public borrowing, reflecting frustration in the business community on this issue.
Chamber President Christian Hernandez said the discussion had so far generated “more heat than light” and signalled a need for more clarity.


Digital forms speed up job hunt processes

Thursday, 28th May 2015 - by Mark Viales

Prolonged processing times at the Employment Department and Income Tax Office will be substantially reduced with the roll out of online digitised forms, the Gibraltar Government said yesterday. The new format will use the government’s new electronic identification cards to access the functions of the e-government portal and will launch together towards the end of June.

Governor resigns

Wednesday, 27th May 2015 - by Brian Reyes

Lieutenant General Sir James Dutton will relinquish the post of Governor and Commander in Chief at the end of September this year, citing “purely personal and professional” reasons.
The move is unprecedented in Gibraltar’s modern history and comes less than two years after Sir James took office in December 2013 for what should have been a three-year term.
The search for his successor is already under way.
Sir James, who has held top military and civilian posts during a long and distinguished career, confessed that the role of Governor had been “…more representational and ceremonial than I had expected.”