Battling drugs: addicts reveal the challenge faced

Yesterday, 28th July 2014 - by Eyleen Sheil

 Seeking help and obtaining support from Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can make the difference in beating drug addiction, said two former addicts on Friday. They told their stories and related their experience of the hardship of addiction to Social Services Minister Samantha Sacramento at an event at the Europa Retreat Centre.
This was the third time an event like this was held.

Gibraltar ‘could benefit from UK exit from EU’ – Rosindell

Yesterday, 28th July 2014

 As most opinion converges towards the view that an exit from the EU, as a result of the UK referendum promised by David Cameron, would spell disaster for the Rock, long term Gibraltar  supporter Andrew Rosindell has declared a contrary view.

In an interview for the Chronicle with Mike Brufal, Mr Rosindell, an ardent Eurosceptic declares that far from damaging Gibraltar it will give it a fresh set of opportunities. MORE IN PRINTED AND IPAD EDITIONS

Govt announces go ahead for Naval Ground development and park

Yesterday, 28th July 2014

The Gibraltar Government confirms that it has reached an agreement with Commercial Developments Investments Limited (CDI) in respect of the old Naval Grounds site.
The agreement will see the construction of a high-end environmentally-conscious development comprising of residential, office and commercial premises and double the parking that was previously available at what is now Commonwealth Park to be provided in part of site.

Govt and unions in GDC future strategy

Yesterday, 28th July 2014

EU confirms Gib’s reef, reclamation and bunkering are lawful

Saturday, 26th July 2014 - by Dominique Searle

The European Commission has informed the British Government that it has found no breach of EU environmental laws in the activities carried out by the Gibraltar Government including bunkering activities, the Eastside or Sovereign Bay project and, in particular, the Artificial Reef System in North-West British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.Commissioners and officials are all, but a handful, packing up for the summer holidays, its spokesman told the midday conference in Brussels yesterday. However, one of the last acts before slipping away to the sunshine appears to have been dropping a note to the British Embassy. A bombshell, in fact, after a year of Madrid accusing Gibraltar of acting illegally and moreover claiming that these ‘illegalities’ were in ‘Spanish jurisdiction.’ Although the Commission has made no ruling on the jurisdiction, recognition that Gibraltar authorities were acting lawfully, for instance with bunkering, in the context of what Spain in its management plan of the marine environmental site it pretends to have the responsibility to protect suggest an implicit acceptance of the lawful jurisdiction exercised by the Rock in BGTW.

European Commission’s official position

Saturday, 26th July 2014

In response to a Chronicle question the European Commission last night stated: “The Commission services have assessed the standpoints of both Member States and have concluded, on the basis of the evidence produced, that no breach of EU environmental legislation can be identified in this instance. The decision was taken on 22nd July."

Margallo approach to Rock ‘harks back to Franco era’ says Moratinos

Saturday, 26th July 2014

Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the former Spanish foreign minister who led the process that agreed the tripartite talks and Cordoba agreements yesterday broke his silence and lashed out at the current PP government accusing it of “harking back to the Franco era” in its handling of relations with the Rock. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was prompt to respond. As soon as the remarks in an interview with the online newspaper The Diplomat emerged he Tweeted “Frank, clear and unequivocal message from Snr Moratinos. If only I had the luck to have him across the table!”

Gib firemen were kept on standby for Algeciras park blaze

Saturday, 26th July 2014

As Spanish firefighters battled a forest fire across the Bay on Thursday night the Gibraltar authorities moved swiftly to offer assistance, No 6 confirmed. 

High level education conference looks at Mediterranean

Saturday, 26th July 2014

A two day expert group meeting on Higher Education for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean starts Monday at the Caleta Hotel.
Hosted by the Government of Gibraltar, the Ministry for the Environment has convened leaders of universities, representatives from government and intergovernmental agencies and non-governmental organisations to develop an action plan for collaboration across the region.

Triathlon:A remarkable achievement

Saturday, 26th July 2014

Competing in a triathlon international field at the Commonwealth Games, including two dozen leading professional runners, Gibraltar’s veteran Chris Walker can be justifiably delighted to raise his arms in triumph at completing his latest challenge 26th of two finishers.  

Swimming national record breakers

Saturday, 26th July 2014

Three of Gibraltar’s swimmers hit the pool in the presence of the Queen at the Commonwealth Games when she visited the Games venues.