Picardo announces mini-reshuffle, with more to follow

Today - by Cristina Cavilla

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has taken responsibility for drugs policy including substance rehabilitation and Bruce’s Farm, to ensure Gibraltar’s ‘drug problem’ is dealt with directly from the heart of Government.
The announcement was made yesterday along with a number of other changes to some ministerial portfolios, mainly affecting the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister.
While there will not be an extensive cabinet reshuffle just yet, Mr Picardo indicated that there will be once the estimates of expenditure are completed early next year.
“A more extensive reshuffle now would have meant that the spending programmes of different Ministries would have had to be re-adjusted in the middle of the financial year,” he told reporters.


Campaigners push for more transparency from UK Overseas Territories

Today - by Brian Reyes

Gibraltar “deserves credit” for its efforts to improve corporate transparency, according to a report by leading anti-poverty organisations that nonetheless found Britain’s Overseas Territories remain among “the most notorious purveyors of financial secrecy”.
Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to lead the global fight against corruption but the report, entitled ‘The UK’s Corruption Problem’, questions whether Britain has gone far enough.


Drug smugglers rumbled by Royal Navy frigate bound for Gib


The crew of a Royal Navy warship due in Gibraltar today seized around £3m worth of cannabis resin during a security patrol in the Mediterranean.
Smugglers ferrying the drugs from Morocco to Europe were rumbled by the Portsmouth-based frigate, which sent a Lynx helicopter to investigate and despatched an armed boarding team of Royal Marines.

Dementia carers collect their certificates


Minister for Health, Dr John Cortes, made his first public appointment since the election yesterday when he presented nurses with their Nursing Accreditation Certificates in Dementia at Bleak House.

ERG urges public recognition for Bossano’s contribution to Gibraltar


Equality Rights Group Chairman, Felix Alvarez, has said that Minister Joe Bassano must be honoured “now not later”, having contributed to Gibraltar for over four decades.
“Whether you agree with him or not, or vote for him or not, who can really doubt the very substantial contribution Joe Bossano has made to Gibraltar over more than four decades?” Mr Alvarez said.

Over 340 music students at the Gibraltar Academy

Yesterday, 30th November 2015

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts opened its doors on Monday 21 of September. The academy has over 340 students and 20 teachers.

Foreign Office blocks release of Special Branch file on 1967 referendum

Yesterday, 30th November 2015 - by Tommy Norton

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has blocked the release of Special Branch police reports from Gibraltar in the lead up to, and aftermath of, the 1967 referendum.
The secret file was the subject of a Freedom of Information request from the Gibraltar Chronicle, but following a ‘public interest test’ the FCO concluded that releasing the papers could “damage the bilateral relationship between the UK and Gibraltar”.


GFA appoints new chief medical officer

Yesterday, 30th November 2015

The Gibraltar FA has appointed Dr Keith Gracias as its new Chief Medical Officer.
General Secretary Dennis Beiso said he was delighted to welcome Dr Gracia into the Gibraltar FA.

Margallo feels ‘no emotion’ over election result

Saturday, 28th November 2015

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo urged progress with ad hoc cross-border dialogue yesterday, in his first public comments on Gibraltar after Thursday’s general election.
Sr García-Margallo said he felt “no emotion” on the outcome of the election, which saw the GSLP/Liberals sweep back into government with a landslide 68% of the vote.
But he added that “having cleared any electoral worries” in Gibraltar, the time may have come “to sit down and start a forum for the benefit of habitants on both sides of the fence”.
Sr García-Margallo, who was speaking to reporters during a trip to Paraguay, also referred to Spain’s opposition to Gibraltar’s inclusion in the EU’s aviation agreements but said Madrid wanted a solution.
“We back the joint use of the airport as is the case in Geneva," he said. "That is something reasonable.” 

No ministerial changes as new government is sworn in

Saturday, 28th November 2015 - by Gabriella Peralta

The newly re-elected Gibraltar Government ministers will remain in the same portfolios they held before the general election, at least for now, Fabian Picardo announced yesterday after being sworn in as Chief Minister of Gibraltar by Governor Alison MacMillan.
Speaking outside No 6 Convent Place, Mr Picardo spoke of his pride at being able to resume work with his Cabinet team.
“Nothing could make me prouder than to have been able to renew exactly the same team…under our new manifesto,” he said.
Although there was no immediate reshuffle, the Chronicle understands that some changes to ministerial portfolios are still likely in the coming days.


Alliance wins landslide victory

Friday, 27th November 2015 - by Cristina Cavilla

Predictions of a landslide victory for the GSLP/Liberals came true earlier this morning as the Alliance stormed to victory over the GSD with 68% of the vote.
Following a marathon all-night counting session at the John Mackintosh Hall the scale of the Alliance victory soon became clear and a triumphant Fabian Picardo arrived to a hero’s welcome amidst raucous cheers and chants of ‘Four more years’.
Speaking after the results had been announced, Mr Picardo thanked supporters for their "tsunami of support" but warned he would not tolerate arrogance in the ranks of his alliance.
"We are humbled by this victory and will not be bloated by it," he said.