British ship sails from Rock on ‘honourable mission’ to stem Ebola tide

Yesterday, 22nd October 2014 - by Brian Reyes

 The British medical ship RFA Argus sailed from Gibraltar bound for Sierra Leone yesterday on ‘an honourable mission’ that will save lives and help stop the Ebola virus spreading from West Africa.
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel stopped in Gibraltar for just a few hours to load 32 off-road vehicles purchased by the UK’s Department for International Development [DFID] from Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings.
The significance of the operation was noted by Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for Defence, who echoed statements he made during a visit here last week.

Picardo and Isola chronicle gaming success and voice support for industry

Yesterday, 22nd October 2014 - by Dominique Searle in London

 This newspaper’s report of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association’s challenge to the British government’s ‘point of consumption’ tax made the breakfast tables at the Royal Automobile Club yesterday, as the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo welcomed the move.
Addressing the great and the good of the gaming industry, Mr Picardo highlighted the importance of this industry to Gibraltar’s development and supported the action.
But he also made clear the Gibraltar Government - as in an earlier, ultimately unsuccessful challenge to the UK’s new licensing regime - will not be joining in the action against the British Government
“Between governments it is best that we try to resolve our differences politically and not legally if we can avoid it,” he said.


Traffic offences double year-on-year

Yesterday, 22nd October 2014 - by Cristina Cavilla

 Police have reported a sharp spike in the number of people committing serious traffic offences, according to data published in the latest annual report from the Gibraltar Police Authority.
The total number of people charged or reported for process during the 2013/14 financial year doubled to 1,690 from 849 in the preceding year.
The increases occurred in the type of road traffic offences which the RGP says are the ones that most contribute to causing road traffic collisions.


Costa tells port and tourism industries that ‘Gibraltar is listening’

Yesterday, 22nd October 2014

Gibraltar is set to accommodate the cruise industry’s demands including receiving some 7,000 passengers at any given time.
This was the message from Neil Costa, Minister for Tourism and Port Affairs, to the industry gathered in Trinity House London yesterday.

Lidington categorical on resisting Spanish pressure to exclude Gib from EU aviation measures

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 - by Dominique Searle in London

David Lidington, UK’s Minister for Europe, has made his clearest commitment yet to reject Spain’s pressure to exclude Gibraltar from EU aviation measures. Addressing the Gibraltar Day reception in London the Europe minister said that Gibraltar’s inclusion is a “matter of law”.
The minister also reiterated the now annual commitment from UK never enter into arrangements to hand over the sovereignty of Gibraltar against it wishes and further to not even enter into any process of sovereignty negotiations with which Gibraltar is not content. It was, he said , a commitment that should never be taken for granted.
“We stand shoulder to shoulder with Gibraltar and I hope all future British Governments will too,” he declared to much applause. 


Dialogue key to resolving problems with Spain, Picardo tells 1,000 guests at Gibraltar Day

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 - by Dominique Searle in London

Gibraltar is prepared for ad hoc talks and sees dialogue as the catalyst for resolving problems with Spain, 1,000 guests at the Guildhall for Gibraltar Day heard yesterday.
Unity, not just in Gibraltar but with UK in particular, was the theme of Gibraltar Day in London delivered by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo who arrived at the celebration with a message from HM the Queen in his hand.

Gibraltar companies file new court challenge to UK gaming tax

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 - by Brian Reyes

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association [GBGA] has filed a legal challenge to the British Government’s plan to levy a 15% tax on online bets placed by punters in the UK.
The move comes just days after the GBGA lost a separate legal bid to halt Britain’s new licencing regime for online gaming companies, which is poised to come into force on November 1.
The association is now seeking a judicial review of the British Government’s plans for a point of consumption tax on remote gambling. 


Spain ‘certain’ UK backed its Security Council bid

Tuesday, 21st October 2014

Spain’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, said yesterday that he was “absolutely convinced” that the British Government backed Spain’s bid to join the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member.

Fire fighters tackle blaze at old Lady Williams Centre

Mark Viales

Tuesday, 21st October 2014

Emergency services rushed to Devil’s Tower Road yesterday evening to tackle a serious fire at the old Lady Williams Centre, which is currently derelict.


Parliament clears funding for new university

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 - by Cristina Cavilla

The Gibraltar Parliament unanimously passed a Bill last week to appropriate £10m to fund the setting up of the University of Gibraltar. The proposals for the university, which is due to open for business in September 2015, were debated extensively by MPs, including questions as to exactly how the money would be used. 


Picardo delivers image of Rock facing up to tax challenge

Tuesday, 21st October 2014 - by Dominique Searle in London

Modernity and vibrancy in the relationship with UK coupled with messages of growth and dynamics in Gibraltar, were themes at the heart of the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo’s speech to the finance industry at a lunch hosted for Gibraltar Day in London yesterday.
Mr Picardo drew a broad brush picture of a Gibraltar building its economy whilst it is nonetheless facing challenges - such as those to the tax system from the EU Commission. His finance minister Albert Isola took the opportunity to market the Rock as a forward thinking and dynamic finance centre investing in building its reputation, product and infrastructure.