‘Reach for Life’ to protect young riders

Today - by Mark Viales

A change to the law that aims to protect young pillion motorcycle riders who are unable to reach the vehicle’s pegs was enacted yesterday.
The ‘Reach for Life’ campaign by the Royal Gibraltar Police will go through a ‘grace’ period from six to eight weeks where it will spread awareness.

Youngsters thrilled by Neanderthal story

Today - by Alice Mascarenhas

As Gibraltar prepares for the decision on the UNESCO world heritage bid, excavations continue at Gorham’s Cave and the Neanderthal story continues to enthrall not just adults but young people as well.
Yesterday, as part of the Walks Through History in the Summer Sports and Leisure programme, Professor Clive Finlayson, Director of the Gibraltar Museum, led a group of youngsters into Neanderthal Territory by sea where land once existed and where they made a home in Gorham’s Cave.

Action for Housing urges crackdown on ‘unruly’ Govt tenants


Action for Housing has called on the Gibraltar Government to intervene immediately to halt “unacceptable” anti-social behaviour impacting on government tenants. The group wrote to Housing Minister Samantha Sacramento after receiving complaints from tenants asking to be moved because of “harassment and intimidation” by “unruly neighbours”.

Freedom of the City for RGP and Special Olympics Gibraltar


The Royal Gibraltar Police and Special Olympics Gibraltar will be granted the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar under two motions to be presented by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo in the Gibraltar Parliament today.
The RGP motion notes that this year marks the 185th anniversary of the force’s creation and highlights the fact that it is now the oldest police force in the Commonwealth and the second oldest British police force in the World.

‘Absolute normality’ at pedestrian gates as trucks face delays


The new automated passport controls at Gibraltar border are working “correctly and with absolute normality”, the director general of Spain’s Policia Nacional claimed yesterday during a visit to the Campo de Gibraltar.

ERG outraged over gay marriage referendum prospect


Equality Rights Group [ERG] has strongly reacted to comments made by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo on GBC’s ‘Direct Democracy’ programme this week in which he did not rule out the possibility of a referendum on gay marriage.
According to the ERG, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender [LGBT] people are incensed with the Chief Minister’s suggestion that Government may be considering putting the question of civil marriage change to a Referendum and not, as happened with Civil Partnership and other issues, as part of the electoral offering in the Alliance’s upcoming Manifesto.

Midtown drill leaves Gib in the dark


Gibraltar was affected by a power cut mid-afternoon yesterday due to contractors on the Midtown Development site drilling through a mains cable.

UK complains over Spain’s ‘intelligent border’

Yesterday, 29th July 2015 - by by Brian Reyes

Pedestrians again faced hour-long queues at the border yesterday morning, prompting Britain to complain to Spain that its new automated passport controls were causing “unreasonable” delays for commuters.
British Government officials contacted their Spanish counterparts urging them to return the border to normal operations and warning the UK would take the matter up with the European Commission.
“Thousands of Gibraltarian, Spanish and other EU citizens rely on crossing to and from Gibraltar daily for work,” a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office told the Chronicle.
“It is important that the border functions as efficiently as possible. Such disruption has no place at a border between EU partners.”


Europa football stadium ‘could be moved’ says CM

Yesterday, 29th July 2015 - by by Gabriella Peralta

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo hinted the proposed stadium at Europa point could be moved to another venue if UEFA allow it.
Yesterday’s Direct Democracy on Radio Gibraltar on the Lunchtime programme presented by James Neish touched on a variety of subjects including the proposed football stadium at Europa Point, gay marriage and car parks.

Bossano clashes with Speaker over ‘lying’ amendment

Yesterday, 29th July 2015 - by by Brian Reyes

A routine parliamentary debate flared into heated exchanges yesterday after Speaker Adolfo Canepa refused to accept a government motion claiming past GSD administrations had lied to parliament over their handling of Community Care.
The claim was included in an amendment tabled by government minister Joe Bossano to a motion he himself had presented on the issue, prompting a furious response from Mr Canepa.

Macaques display ‘natural behaviour’ in improved Upper Rock habitats

Yesterday, 29th July 2015 - by by Mark Viales

 Barbary Macaques have displayed more natural behaviour in the Upper Rock due to improvements made to their habitat, it was revealed by the Government yesterday. The improvements to the macaque sites include five biologically filtered ponds and the clearing of undergrowth and debris to create natural rock faces for foraging. Dr John Cortes, Environment Minister, said that the macaques are now foraging, digging for food during the summer and splashing into the ponds to cool off.
“Nowadays eco-tourism is very much like this where people enjoy looking at wildlife behaving naturally,” he said. “It is beautiful to see.”