Spanish Government has published state bulletin to allow cross-frontier workers of any nationality registered with Spanish border office to drive through the red channel. The move is for cars only and any cross-border worker in either direction eg Gibraltar resident working in Spain and vice versa. But they cannot carry any dutiable goods with them, Otherwise they must use normal channel. Unofficial labour will not be eligible.

Solemn tribute to WW1 sacrifice

Today - by Alice Mascarenhas

 An Interfaith Service of Commemoration and Remembrance to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I was held yesterday on the Rock– Britain, and therefore Gibraltar, did not formally enter the war until 4 August when war was declared. But 28 July is the generally accepted date of the start of the war which lasted until 11 November 1918.

The Queen with her Rock

Today - by Alice Mascarenhas

 Gibraltar has entered the international world of coin mintage with the launch of the very first £15 Silver Royal coin. This coin, the first issued by the Government of Gibraltar, is a legal tender coin with a face value of £15 containing one troy ounce of pure fine silver with a millesimal fineness of 999 (99.9%). The significance of Silver Royal is that it is the first internationally present silver coin of the Gibraltar Government and therefore the first coin with international exposure and which enters the international world of coin mintage.

EC response to Madrid’s complaints backfires on Margallo

Today - by Dominique Searle

 Spain’s aggressive policy on Gibraltar, as steered by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, appeared to be heading for legal rocks yesterday as the European Commission made clear its reasoning for rejecting complaints over bunkering that takes place in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.

Battling drugs: addicts reveal the challenge faced

Yesterday, 28th July 2014 - by Eyleen Sheil

 Seeking help and obtaining support from Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can make the difference in beating drug addiction, said two former addicts on Friday. They told their stories and related their experience of the hardship of addiction to Social Services Minister Samantha Sacramento at an event at the Europa Retreat Centre.
This was the third time an event like this was held.

Gibraltar ‘could benefit from UK exit from EU’ – Rosindell

Yesterday, 28th July 2014

 As most opinion converges towards the view that an exit from the EU, as a result of the UK referendum promised by David Cameron, would spell disaster for the Rock, long term Gibraltar  supporter Andrew Rosindell has declared a contrary view.

In an interview for the Chronicle with Mike Brufal, Mr Rosindell, an ardent Eurosceptic declares that far from damaging Gibraltar it will give it a fresh set of opportunities. MORE IN PRINTED AND IPAD EDITIONS