Labour ‘misunderstands’ offshore jurisdictions

Today - by Cristina Cavilla

The managing partner of a leading Isle of Man law firm has said that Labour leader Ed Miliband “misunderstands completely” what offshore jurisdictions do.
Tom Maher is managing partner of DQ in the Isle of Man where he oversees the firm’s specialist investigation team.
He was one of the hosts of the Global Tax Enforcement Conference recently held in Gibraltar - a repeat of a ‘landmark’ day-long conference on global tax enforcement held in the Isle of Man last July.


Saturday, 28th March 2015

The Gibraltar national football side is pictured at their training facility at Glasgow University in Scotland yesterday as the build-up for the clash against the ‘Tartan Army’ on Sunday at 6pm gathers pace. The side flew to the UK on Thursday afternoon and David Wilson, the Interim Head Coach, has not wasted any time in putting the squad through a vigorous session. He said the squad are keeping ‘level headed’ for the big match and are well prepared to step out onto the huge 51,866 capacity arena that is Hampden Park. See print and e-editions for full interview with David Wilson.  

Pic by Ian Martinez

Diplomatic protest after ‘provocative and dangerous’ incursion

Saturday, 28th March 2015

Britain has protested over a ‘provocative and dangerous’ incursion by Spanish vessels into British Gibraltar territorial waters yesterday morning.
The Spanish vessel Comoran Granada, operated by the Junta de Andalucía’s Environmental Agency, approached two Spanish fishing boats that had laid pots inside British waters.

Concerns remain despite Govt assurances on bay gas transfers

Saturday, 28th March 2015

The Environmental Safety Group has voiced fresh concerns about the ship-to-ship transfer of liquefied natural gas in British waters in the Bay of Gibraltar.
Two such operations have been carried out within the past week and the Gibraltar Port Authority has signalled its intention to grow this sector.
The Gibraltar Government has insisted that the practice is well regulated and safe.
Last night it again repeated the assurance that Gibraltar is well prepared to respond to any incident, which was in any event ‘unlikely’.

Garcia highlights Gib-US links on Capitol Hill

Friday, 27th March 2015

Dr Joseph Garcia, the deputy Chief Minister, has highlighted the long and historic relationship between Gibraltar and the United States during a series of meetings in Washington.
In a busy schedule during the first day of his visit, Dr Garcia held meetings at the offices of both Democratic and Republican members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

Chief Minister sails out to observe LNG operation

Friday, 27th March 2015 - by Cristina Cavilla

The Chief Minister yesterday went to see for himself the gas carriers in British waters as they carried out Gibraltar’s second ever liquefied natural gas transhipment operation.
Fabian Picardo together with Environment Minister Dr John Cortes and Minister for the Port Paul Balban inspected the ship to ship transfer of LNG in the Bay of Gibraltar.
The trip came after the decision to allow LNG transhipment operations in Gibraltar waters had sparked concern and criticism amongst environmentalists.
Yesterday those concerns were echoed by the GSD who said: “People want assurances concerning their safety and not another photograph of the Chief Minister.”


UK in court over Gib sewage

Friday, 27th March 2015 - by Brian Reyes

Gibraltar’s failure to build a sewage treatment plant has landed the British Government in court.
Gibraltar pumps its sewage into the sea at Europa Point, in breach of EU legislation dating back to 1991.
Yesterday the European Commission announced it was referring the UK to the European Court of Justice over its failure to ensure that urban waste water was adequately treated in 17 locations, including Gibraltar. 


GFA reacts to Feetham’s stadium accusations

Friday, 27th March 2015 - by Mark Viales

The Gibraltar FA insisted yesterday that it had been open and transparent with its plans for the Europa Point stadium project.
The Gibraltar FA was reacting to comments made by Daniel Feetham, the Leader of the Opposition, who this week said the GSD wanted clarity on this issue ahead of the general election.
The GFA plan was to build a stadium with capacity for 8,500 people but Mr Feetham said credible sources had told him that the GFA knew UEFA allowed participation even with a smaller stadium. 


Isolate sovereignty row to unblock single sky – says MEP

Friday, 27th March 2015 - by Dominique Searle

A proposal to unblock the impasse following Spain’s holding the new EU single sky plans to ransom over Gibraltar has been put forward by a Gibraltar and South West MEP. It seeks Gibraltar’s inclusion to be secured by a sovereignty neutral declaration that would state that neither the British nor Spanish positions on the issues are affected.
Labour’s Clare Moody and Claude Moraes, Chair of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, have set out a proposal that could unblock EU negotiations over revisions to the Single European Sky package.
The negotiations are currently in deadlock, as the Spanish government continues to insist that Gibraltar airport is excluded from any proposals.  


DPC hears different takes on Marina Bay superyacht project

Friday, 27th March 2015 - by Eyleen Sheil

Greg Butcher, the applicant for a proposed development at Marina Bay, presented his vision for the project at yesterday’s special sitting of the Development and Planning Commission.
But one supporter and three objectors also took to the floor at the meeting, the latter offering a starkly different take on the matter. 


Gib can ‘sleep easy’ if Labour wins election - Unite boss

Thursday, 26th March 2015 - by Brian Reyes

Unite boss Len McCluskey gave ‘the fullest of assurances’ yesterday that he would influence a future Labour government in Britain to respect the wishes of the people of Gibraltar in any dealings with Spain.